Our first every business conference is next week, and in the run up to the event, we wanted to share with you our final timetable. During the day we have exhibitors in the Main Medrus room, which you can chat to at any point during the day. We also have two keynote spakers, Rhian Hayward MBE and Wyn Evans.

During the day also, we have a range of workshops that have been designed with business in mind. You’re welcome to pop up to the event at any point during the day, and even if just for one of our 40 minute sessions.


9.30-10.00 – Tea & Coffee / Te a Coffi

10.00– Keynote Address from Rhian Hayward MBE / Agoriad gan Rhian Hayward MBE

10.30Medrus 3 – Menter a Busnes – Rheoli Talent: Ai Pobl yw eich Ased Pwysicaf? (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

10.30Medrus 4 – Lloyds TSB – Fraud Awareness: examining different types and common frauds and how to protect your business. (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

11.10 Medrus 3 – Menter a Busnes – Marketing Together Stronger Together: Getting the most out of your marketing efforts by working together. (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

11.10Medrus 4 – Mind Cymru – Workplace Wellbeing (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

11.50 Medrus 3 – Menter a Busnes – Talent management: Are People Your Most Important Asset? (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

11.50Medrus 4 – InSynch (with Superfast Business Wales) – Social Media Strategy (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

12.30 – Lunch break / Amser cinio

(We recommend Tamed Da, located downstairs from the conference. Tamed Da will be open all day and offer a range of food options. Rydym yn awgrymu Tamed Da, sydd i lawr grisau o’r cynhadledd. Mae Tamed Da ar agor trwy’r dydd, gyda llwyth wahanol o opsiynau bwyd.)

12.50 – Afternoon address Wyn Evans. Tea & Coffee served.

13.00Medrus 3 – Menter a Busnes – Gorau Farchnata Cyd Farchnata: Cael y gorau o’ch ymdrechion marchnata trwy gydweithio (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

13.00Medrus 4 – Paul Callard, Dyfed Powys Police Economic Crime Team – Protecting your business from cybercrime and fraud. (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

13.40Medrus 3 – Gwe Cambrian Web – Website Design: making the most out of your website. (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

13.40 Medrus 4 – Mid Wales Tourism workshop (Gweithdy am ddim / free workshop)

14.20 -16.30 – Networking / Rhwydweithio

16.30 – Event finishes / Digwyddiad yn gorffen