Q: What are Menter Aberystwyth’s roots?

Menter Aberystwyth has evolved from initial discussions with a small group of partners who shared a commitment to improve things in the town. In March 2004 Menter Aberystwyth was officially established and it was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Q: What are the main aims of Menter Aberystwyth?

Menter Aberystwyth can undertake a wide range of regeneration activities within the town and its surrounding area. The Board of directors have identified the following four priorities, which will be reflected in the projects carried out by Menter Aberystwyth in the near future:

  • To act as an advocate and a facilitator for the town and its wider area.
  • To help manage and improve the operation of the town.
  • To promote higher standards of business management and customer service in the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • To create and market a distinctive image for Aberystwyth and its surrounding area based on the area’s quintessential Welshness and cultural qualities, and the town’s role as the hub of a county of great diversity, interest and beauty.

Q: How will Menter Aberystwyth achieve its aims?

Menter Aberystwyth will achieve its aims by gaining the support of the community and using this support to justify funding applications, which will in turn enable us to implement a wide range of projects listed in the Action Plan. Menter Aberystwyth will also be identifying and developing new projects on an annual basis.

Q: How is Menter Aberystwyth funded?

Menter Aberystwyth is funded by the Aberystwyth Town Council and Aberystwyth University. They fund mainly the office costs and Development Officer’s salary. During this time Menter Aberystwyth will source funding for specific projects and assist other groups and businesses to do the same. Menter Aberystwyth will also be looking to extend its period of operation by sourcing additional funds, enabling it to continue after the initial three year period. Menter Aberystwyth does not, however, have any money to fund businesses and groups in the area.

Q: How is Menter Aberystwyth accountable?

Menter Aberystwyth, being a Company Limited by Guarantee, is bound by its Memorandum and Articles of Association. We are also held accountable by all the funding partners involved who require regular updates of project work and financial transactions. The Company Accounts are audited annually and copies of the minutes of board meetings can be obtained if required.

Q: How can Menter Aberystwyth help you?

As well as delivering the specific projects listed in the Action Plan, Menter Aberystwyth is able to help other smaller groups in the area to develop their own projects, and point businesses and other groups towards appropriate funding opportunities and available advice.