Menter Aberystywth is pleased to announce the inauguration of a new award: The Paul James Award, in recognition of a lifetime’s commitment to serving the community.

We have received many nominations for the late Cllr Paul James to win the award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community at this year’s Gwobrau Cyntaf Aber First Awards. It is clear that the community of Aberystywth holds Paul and his work in the highest esteem, and Menter Aberystwyth has been looking to find a special way to recognise and commemorate this.

After discussion with Paul’s family, we will be inaugurating a new award this year in Paul’s honour. This award will be named after Paul, and will recognise those who, like him, have made a lifetime’s commitment to serve our community. This year the award will be presented to Paul’s family in his memory, and in future years will be awarded only if the judging panel feel decide that there is a deserving recipient.